There's A Serial Killer On The Loose In Your Garden

Cat Bib in action | ©  Journo News

Cat Bib in action | © Journo News

Cats -  adorable if you're human, public enemy number one if you're a bird.  It's estimated that cats kill up to 3.7 BILLION birds each year in North America alone (1).  

Birds play an important role in gardens, eating bugs like caterpillars and beetles.  Gardens are also a critical resource for birds, especially in areas where their natural habitats are threatened.  

Out of sheer frustration, Sue Mandeville, a gardener and bird lover from Oregon, created the prototype for CatBib from a piece of her husband's shoe leather and an old cat collar.  Her hunch - placing the leather piece at the front of the cat's collar would throw off their pouncing game.  Turns out she was spot in.  

Scientific field tests have since confirmed that the CatBib interferes with cats' ability to accurately stalk prey and throws off their balance when they try to pounce (2).  

Her current CatBibs are made of light-weight neoprene, a durable and water-proof material used in scuba diving suits, and are designed for quick release should your cat get stuck.

Have a killer cat?  Grab a CatBib - they come in three sizes for tiny cats through giants like Maine Coons.  At $10 a pop, they're worth a try.  Your neighborhood birds will thank you!

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