Tips I Swear By For Creating Green Spaces, Outdoors & In!

Fun historical fact - the first greenhouses date to 30 AD in the Roman empire. Emperor Tiberius lived by the health fad of the time - eat one cucumber a day.  Faced with the task of growing a seasonal vegetable year-round, his gardeners created large beds on wheels that they could easily move and re-arrange come colder weather.

Point being, portability is a great thing to have on your side when it comes to growing, especially these days when the weather seems more unpredictable and extreme.

Indoors or out, I love potted plants.  Prefer them, actually.  In-ground gardens are awesome for vegetable and herb gardens, but for decorative plants I'm all for containers.  For starters, they make changing and adapting spaces worlds easier, and also allow you to move plants (or bring them indoors) during inclement weather, which for us in the summer is 100+ degree heat and strong sun.  Added benefit - they're a functional way to add some zing to your decor. 

I've gotten creative over my years of living in the heart of Philadelphia, and live by these tips:

Dynamic Spaces Require Dynamic Fixtures

Use a variety of containers - hanging and free-standing -  to round out corners, walls, and create cozy, private spaces.  One of my personal favorite options - using a ladder as a found-object plant stand.  Objects like bird cages, vintage crates, and bar carts add character and can be used for storing and stacking in your setup, as well. 

Add Texture & Height By Going Vertical

Opt for a wall mounted vertical options, or build a simple hanging system for walls and tight spaces.  Don't forget nature's vertical planter - climbing vines!  Flowering and perennial options of climbing plants are a great way to add privacy, especially in tightly-packed urban spaces. 

Create A Faux Garden In Light-Saturated Areas

Use potted plants in a brightly-lit interior areas to create an indoor garden with an outdoor feel.  Large windows in converted warehouses are perfect for this approach!