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100% sustainable & organic potting mix made from ingredients you can pronounce, layered in a clear jar so you can see what's inside


The core ingredients of commercial potting soils haven't changed since the 1950s.  

Cheap and expensive organic potting soils alike still rely on mined resources like vermiculite, perlite, gypsum and peat moss - none of which are sustainable, and all of which have a negative environmental impact.

We knew there had to be a better solution out there - something earth-friendly, light-weight, and easier to ship and store than a bulky bag.  When we couldn't find that "something," we created Mix. 



Mix uses the sustainable remnants of the world's largest staple crops & nutrition designed by nature for healthy plants to create a blend unparalleled in its quality, sustainability, and transparency.



absorbs 8x plus its weight in water & slowly releases as needed • inhospitable to mold & common pests • breaks down slowly for minimal nitrogen tie-up



nature's original superfood for plants • fights against harmful toxins & bacteria • contains essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, zinc, iron - the list goes on!



improves drainage & keeps soil light and airy • creates air-filled spaces throughout the mix that let roots breathe • breaks down very slowly, maintaining soil quality over time



naturally porous & improves drainage • keeps the soil breathable by lodging into small spaces • prevents nutrients from being washed away from the roots


• 100 % Sustainable, Organic Ingredients You Can Pronounce • No Chemicals Or Additives • Ethically Sourced From Responsible Partners • 


Mix creates a naturally balanced, friable blend ideal for houseplants, flowers, herbs & vegetables.

Traditional potting soils require amendments like dolomite lime to balance peat moss's acidity.  We took the opposite approach when creating the formula for mix, and selected ingredients that work together to create a blend that's:

  • Naturally pH balanced near neutral (between 7.5 and 7.8) & ideal for nearly all houseplants, herbs and vegetables
  • Resistant to common pathogens & pests
  • Better at absorbing and releasing water, reducing watering needs
  • Well-structured & friable for healthier, stronger roots
  • Designed to break down slowly & release more nutrients over time


add water & mix • expands to over twice its size • easy & fun to prepare


Don't be fooled - this tiny container packs a mighty punch!  We compressed the coco coir in Mix to make it smaller, lighter, & easier to store.  Mix is ready to go when you're ready to plant - just add water!


Mix's finished pH is near-neutral, falling between 7.5 and 7.8 when prepared with distilled water.  For acid-loving plants, add fresh compost (or a dash of unused coffee grounds) to naturally increase acidity.  Start slow - you can always add more later as needed!


sizes 1 & 2:
just enough for small projects like starting a new plant from cutting or seed, or transplanting the plants you have when they need a little more space.

(For One Or Two Small Containers) 

projects we love:  growing fresh basil (& other herbs) in the kitchen, a plant to brighten up your desk grind 9-5, or a chic houseplant for a bookshelf, window sill, or a wee hanging basket.

good size for:

small houseplants:
like spider plants, small ferns, greenery & flowers 

growing herbs:
like basil, chives, parsley & thyme 

herbs & houseplants to a larger container

Size 1:
$5 - $5.50

Final Yield: 3.5 Cups (.8 Quarts)
(Product Weight As Shipped: 7.8 Oz. )

Sized For : • One+ 4-5" Pot • Two+ 2-3" Starter Pots • Transplanting One 4" Starter Pot •

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Size 2:
$6 - $6.50

Final Yield: 6 Cups (1.5 Quarts)
(Product Weight As Shipped: 12.3 Oz.)

Sized For : • One+ 5-6" Pot • Three - Four 4-5" Pots • One 5-6" Pot & One 4-5" Pot • Transplanting Two+ 4" Starter Pots To 6-8" Pots •

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sizes 3 & 4:
for a couple medium pots, or a handful of smaller ones

(for one or two medium pots
or combos of small & medium containers)

projects we love: basket planters in sunny corners, botanical retreats for meditation & yoga, a cat grass garden & elegant draped vines on bookshelves

good size for:

growing vegetables
like beets, peas, zucchini, beets & shallots

fresh greens & herbs
like lettuce, chard, arugula & medium-sized herbs like rosemary, mint & cilantro 

medium-sized houseplants
like swiss cheese or pothos vines, small rubber plants, ferns & greenery  


growing strawberries
in several smaller containers or one larger one


Size 3:
$7 - $7.50

Final Yield: 7.5 Cups (1.8 Quarts)
(Product Weight As Shipped: 13.5 Oz.)

Sized For : • One-Two 5-6" Pots • Three-Four  4-5" Pots • Transplanting Two-Three 4" Starter Pots To 6-8" Pots •

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Size 4
$7 - 7.50

Size 1 Yield: 9.5 Cups (2.5 Quarts)
(Product Weight As Shipped: 16 Oz.)

Sized For : • Two - Three 5-6" Pots •  Four - Five 4" Pots • Transplanting 3-4+ Starter Pots To 6-8" Pots •

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size 5:
for larger containers or cool combos of smaller ones

projects we love: large planters nestled into nooks and corners, light-filled botanical spaces, ferns in the boardroom & home-grown cherry tomatoes

good size for:

like cherry tomatoes, radishes, carrots & bell peppers

leafy greens
like radicchio, arugula, chard, lettuce & cabbage

large houseplants
like ficus, dwarf palms & large philodendron or pothos vines


Size 5:
$8 - $8.50

Size 5 Yield: 15.75 Cups (1 Gallon)
(Product Weight As Shipped: 20 Oz.)

Sized For : • One 7-8" Pot (1 Gallon) • Three-Four 5-6" Pots • Various Combinations Of Smaller Pots •

Size 6:
$9 - $9.50

Size 6 Yield: 31.75 Cups (2 Gallons)
(Product Weight As Shipped: 32 Oz.)

Sized For : • One 9-10" Pot (2 Gallon) • Three-Four 5-6" Pots • Various Combinations Of Smaller Pots •


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We're in the process of creating larger sizes in multiple gallon increments...coming August 2017
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