Terra Luna Herbals • Elise Hanks

What’s the story behind where you are today?

My Terra Luna story started when I graduated college and came to the realization that he industry I had intended to enter (fashion) was really not for me. On a whim, my dear friend, who was experiencing similar misgivings, set off on a trip to volunteer on some vegetable farms in Colorado and Arizona. After experiencing organic farm life, we were hooked! When  returned to Philadelphia, I got an apprenticeship on a flower farm and began taking herbalism classes. The rest naturally came into place. 

What’s your Why?

My garden!

What’s on the list for today? What’s next?

Growing my business to the point where I can expand to a larger plot of land to grow on. The goal is always to connect client with what the natural world has to offer - expanding my base is always on my mind. 

What’s one thing that you’d like people to know?

Using herbs and plants in general for medicine, both physical and mental is such a gift - it’s all there for us, growing from the Earth! We just have to change our habits and empower ourselves to take control of our own health. Start with herbal tea!

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