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Moon Hooch • Michael Wilbur

What’s the story behind where you are today?

I found an interest in sound at an early age. There are tapes that I made when I was four years old of bird sounds from my back yard. I remember being fascinated with the intricate patterns they flawlessly produced. At eight I began playing saxophone and took to it very naturally. I found that it was an easy outlet for my pent up emotional energy and continued to develop it through guided training. At 19, I moved to NYC and met James and Wenzl. We began playing on the streets/subways together and almost overnight developed an underground following. Soon we began touring around the country and now, internationally. 

What’s your Why?

It depends on the day. Some days I don’t get out of bed. Generally I have a feeling of purpose beyond this realm of existence. I don’t have much interest in the material world and would rather spend my time exploring and developing things within myself. If I am to leave anything behind for others to experience, I want it to have depth and purpose beyond the surface of appearances in hope that it can catalyze growth in those who experience it. 

What’s on the list for today? What’s next?

At the moment I am on a flight to London to play a show. I look forward to returning to New Bedford to take boxing lessons and be with myself.

What’s one thing that you’d like people to know?

You can only change yourself. If you manage to reflect and become the person you want to be, you will inspire the world to change with you. Life is going to throw a sack of shit in your face. If you know how to clean it up without lighting it on fire, chances are you’ll be alright. 

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