Permaculture is not a new idea - it is a revitalization of the oldest methods of not only how we grow, but also how we live.  Our society exists in a state of perpetual imbalance.  High yields, low costs and over-consumption are prioritized across industries, from the "fast fashion" we wear to the "fast food" we eat.  We ignore the collateral damage of our choices, and justify our decisions by believing we are powerless to make an impact.  

We started this project because we're passionate: about gardening, food equality, and the difference each of us can make in our communities.  Our home is in Philadelphia at the borderline between the ritz of Center City and the area's poorest neighborhoods.  With the exception of a lonely banana, the bodegas in our neighborhood don't sell produce - grocery shopping requires a car and cash.  We're fortunate to have options.  Most people do not.  Growing something is easy, and gardening does not require a back yard or a large budget.  We started our garden with an Ikea shelf we found on curb, the plastic containers in our recycling bin, and some dirt.  All in, we spent $20 to start a garden on our fire escape that produces enough food for our household and many of our neighbors.  Our mission: to encourage others to do the same!




In an era where most people get the news on their phones, we're on a mission: to flood social channels with positive, educational information about gardening, urban farming, and sustainability.  As part of this mission, we're creating free monthly guides for growing your Instagram following, original content and designs, and pro-bono work with future leaders in the green revolution who are just starting out on their journey.

When we're not gardening, we're always on the grind for our company Social X Data, based in the City Of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.  We partner with independent businesses to expand brand awareness, and have a specific focus in green / eco-friendly companies and non-profits in the United States and Internationally.  We're committed to supporting companies and organizations that are improving their communities through agriculture, food education, and sustainability programs.